Rowland Adult &
Community Education


All Piano, Drums, Guitar, Violin & Flute classes are taught at:

The Rowland Heights School of Music & Arts
19271 E. Colima  Rd., Suite H, Rowland Heights

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Director/Piano Instructor: Yolanda J. Fresnoza, Ed. D.

A comprehensive beginning & continuing Piano course that can be applied
to any keyboard. The fundamentals of music are taught in this fun class. 
There must be a minimum of 5 Students per class or classes will be combined. 
21400 Beg./Cont. Ages 4-5 Monday 6/10-7/29 5:30-6:30pm
21402 Beg./Cont. Ages 5-8 Wednesday 6/12-7/31 6:00-7:00pm
21501 Beg./Cont. Ages 9-13 Thursday 6/13-8/1 6:30- 7:30pm
Class Fee: All Piano Classes $125 plus a $25 material fee due first class meeting.  
Location: Rowland Heights School of Music & Art
**You will need  your own personal  set of headphones with large prong adapter. You can purchase at, Best Buy or Target.