Rowland Adult &
Community Education

Karate & Kung Fu

KARATE 8-Weeks
Karate teaches the development of physical and mental health. Students build self-esteem, courtesy, self-discipline, and respect for self and others.  
35101 Ages 4 & up Wednesday 1/29-3/18 4:00-4:45pm
Class Fee: $70              
Instructor: Tim Ruggio        
Location: Killian Cafeteria
KUNG FU 8-Weeks
Advance Martial Arts Academy was established in 2012 by International Wushu Champion Coach Lu. In these classes students will learn self-defense, improve concentration, increase their confidence, strength and flexibility. They will also learn hand form, sword, staff, nunchaku, kick boxing and sparring.  
35102       Ages 4-6        Thursday        1/30-3/19         4:00-4:50pm
35103       Ages 7-12      Thursday        1/30-3/19         5:00-5:50pm
35104       Ages 4-6        Saturday         2/1-3/21           2:30-3:20pm
Class Fee: $120    Martial Arts Training Shoes $20         Instructor: Xining (Nancy) He         
Location: Adv. Martial Arts, 19159 Colima Rowland Heights